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We aim to supply quality products at the cheapest possible prices in
Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and Worcestershire.


lvt endura.png

£39 psm

lvt endura1.png

£44 psm


lvt endura2.png
lvt endura3.png
lvt endura4.png
lvt endura 5.png
lvt endura 6.png
lvt endura 7.png
lvt endura 8.png
lvt endura 9.png
lvt endura 10.png
laminate uberwood.png
laminate uberwood2.png

£36 psm

laminate uberwood3.png
laminate uberwood4.png
laminate uberwood5.png
laminate uberwood6.png
laminate uberwood7.png
laminate manor.png

£35 psm

laminate manor1.png
laminate manor3png.png
laminate manor4png.png
laminate manor5png.png
laminate manor6png.png
laminate manor7png.png
laminate urban.png
laminate urban1.png
laminate urban2.png

£20 psm

laminate urban3.png
laminate urban4.png
laminate urban5.png
laminate urban6.png
laminate urban7.png
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