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Relax...chill out...we will visit your home to measure & bring you samples to enable you to choose your floor covering in the comfort of your own home!
Insurance quotations a pleasure, we charge 
£25 but this is deducted from your invoice
when you place your order with us. We only 
deal with you, the customer.
Crofter Loop
100% Wool

£60 psm
heritage loop.jpg
Heritage Loop
shearling loop.jpg
Shearling Loop
heritage loop.jpg
Marram Loop
heritage loop.jpg
Peat  Loop
warmimg stone loop.jpg
Warming Stone Loop
tweed loop.jpg
Tweed Loop
country cream loop.jpg
Country Cream Loop
barley bread loop.jpg
Barley Bread Loop
homespun loop.jpg
Homespun Loop
lovingly crafted.png
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