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We aim to supply quaility products at the cheapest possible prices in
Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and Worcestershire
Harlem Iconic
ONLY £10 sq mtr
harlem iconic description1.png
harlem iconic cheveron.jpg
Capri Chevron
harlem iconic capri herringbone.jpg
Capri Henna
harlem iconic capri.jpg
Capri Herringbone
harlem iconic cerarra nero.jpg
Cararra Nero
harlem iconic cararra bianco.jpg
Cararra Bianco
harlem iconic cheveron.jpg
Chevron Style
harlem iconic leonardo indigo.jpg
Leonardo Indigo
harlem iconic marble nero.jpg
Marble Nero
harlem iconic milan scuro.jpg
Milan Scuro
harlem iconic sorrento darkjpg.jpg
Sorrento Dark
harlem iconic verona henna.jpg
Verona Henna
Harlem Vinyl
ONLY £10 sq mtr
harlem vinyl burnt oak.jpg
Burnt Oak
harlem vinyl grey oak.jpg
Grey Oak
harlem vinyl metalick oak.jpg
Metallick Oak
harlem vinyl natural oak.jpg
Natural Oak
harlem vinyl slate.jpg
harlem vinyl vintage oak.jpg
Vintage Oak
harlem iconic leonardo tone.jpg
Leonardo Tone
harlem iconic milan fumo.jpg
Milan Fumo
harlem iconic milan talpa.jpg
Milan Talpa
harlem iconic sorrento light.jpg
Sorrento Light
harlem iconic marble grigio.jpg
Marble Grigio
harlem iconic milan gelo.jpg
Milan Gelo
harlem iconic pizza roccia.jpg
Pisa Roccia
harlem iconic venice herringbone.jpg
Venice Herringbone
harlem iconic verona herringbone.jpg
Verona Herringbone
Harlem vinyl description.png
harlem vinyl concrete.jpg
harlem vinyl impressions.jpg
harlem vinyl midnight oak.jpg
Midnight Oak
harlem vinyl painted oak.jpg
Printed Oak
harlem vinyl smoked oak.jpg
Smoked Oak
harlem vinyl vogue oak.jpg
Vogue Oak
harlem vinyl deep oak.jpg
Deep Oak
harlem vinyl metallic grey.jpg
Metallic Grey
harlem vinyl modern oak.jpg
Modern Oak
harlem vinyl serene oak.jpg
Serene Oak
harlem vinyl storm oak.jpg
Storm Oak
harlem vinyl white oak.jpg
White Oak
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